GIST! Generic 2d6 FKR/OSR system

Hello everyone!
I really love the classic 2d6 + skill mechanic (the one on which Traveller is based on) and I think that is perfectly feasible for a more streamlined and free-form role-playing.

So this is my attempt to implement that mechanic in a very simple system that I called GIST! and published yesterday, on the waking of this new year.

I made two version of it: the “complete version” and the FKR version, the latter inspired by the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution movement, even if both of them are OSR-ish yet generic.

It is my intention to based my future works on it, I am working on the first one indeed, tentatively called “Roamers of the Dream”.

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


That’s really interesting! I’d like to see a whole ruleset based on it

Sadly, this link is broken, it points to a non-existing page.

Fixed! Tnx

I’m am working on that, hope to release a preview soon

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As promised, here is a complete ruleset based on GIST!

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