Interview on "Rollers of Ry'leh" about my zine "Other Magic"

The “Rollers of R’lyeh” YouTube channel and podcast has just posted an interview with me about my zine “Other Magic #3: The Ancient World.”

Rollers of R’lyeh podcast interview

Rollers of R’lyeh YouTube interview


I love your first two zines, by the way! I have a dream of using the first two for an X-Files / Stephen King style grounded magic/horror campaign.

I have folk magicians (“witches”, in my game) in my fantasy campaign world, as npcs. I still need to show them doing some folksy magic, might adapt a spell from the first book. Already backed the 3rd one!


Thank you!

When I decided to do the first issue, I was building on research I was doing for some Call of Cthulhu scenarios that I was writing to run at conventions. The last one ended up being very X-Files-ish, in fact!

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