[Italian Translation Alliance] We are looking for Creative Commons Adventure Modules

Hello everyone!

I am a member of a pro bono association known as Italian Translation Alliance. We are a collective working to spread the OSR material in our native language in Italy.

I am writing to ask the help of the Reddit OSR community: we need to find Creative Commons or Public Domain adventure modules in English that we can translate and release in PDF and print-on-demand at cost. We are already translating all the Basic Fantasy material or Blackmarsh by Rob Conley. But, we would appreciate an agnostic system, OD&D or B/X CC stuff.

I thank you in advance for your help. Our effort is totally no-profit.


All of my work is creative commons. I have two adventures and two games. There is actually already an Italian version of one (Cairn) and I would be happy to let others release as print-on-demand at cost.

As for others, most (if not all) of Ben Milton’s work is CC. You should definitely reach out (let me know if you have trouble). Some of his adventures are really great.

Oh and Horoscope Zine makes all their stuff CC.

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I am happy to give you a license to publish Italian translations of any WHITEFRANK adventure modules. They are NOT Creative Commons but I will grant you a license to publish translated-into-Italian versions of my work since there is not currently any such Italian language license. Email me at submissions@whitefrank.com