Lost Lair of Kechal Alinke

Hi there! I’ve lurked here for a while—I’ve been playing 5e for a couple years and have been very interested in the OSR community; it seems like people are doing lots of very cool things.

I decided I wanted to try a hand at it, so I wrote and illustrated an OSR style (I think) game system-agnostic adventure called the Lost Lair of Kechal Alinke. It’s a one- or two-session fantasy adventure that takes place at an archaeological dig in a desert canyon where the sealed entrance to a draconic temple has been discovered. It’s puzzle- and exploration-focused with plenty of opportunities for roleplay and battle. There are no statblocks for monsters, so that’s up to you (this can be run for a party of any level).

Check it out for free over on itch! I’d love feedback if you have any.