Lower Septic [map]


I finished my Lower Septic map based on a location in the Punk Apocalyptic setting, a foul place to visit but just right to send players to explore.
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Nice map and a nice name!

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Very cool!! I can already picture some interesting firefight in this location.
Covers, flanking, choke points, good visibility and inaccessible but non-blocking terrain. All the good elements for some top-tier shooting!

If I can give a small suggestion, I would have made one of the platforms noticeably bigger than the others to give some hierarchy.
Right now, at a first glance, they all look the same size and the focus is a bit lost.

Anyway amazing work! I love the art style and it’s very inspiring.
If you don’t mind I might use it in an cyberpunk adventure I’ll be playing with my friends :]

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I’d pay good money for a book of 30 of these

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