Mad Musings on Streamlined (Mega-)Dungeons

Hi folks! My newest blog post over at Gundobad Games is … well, I’m honestly not sure whether it’s just reinventing the wheel, or I’m on to something. In a nutshell, I’m working on applying some streamlined practices from semi-abstract RPGs toward old-school traditional dungeoncrawling. I suppose the basic idea I’m offering is to take the streamlined abstract dungeon-design of The Perilous Wilds, add concrete spatial reality to local high-risk/high-reward Dungeon Areas using geomorphs like those Dyson has made, handle the rest of the dungeon via Flux Space, and then add in a few tweaks from some recent abstract games that would ramp up the tension and reward cycle every time the party heads into the dungeon. Hoping for some feedback to assess the usefulness and viability of this approach. Cheers!