Not Random but Inspirational

Wrote about a D&D game (5 Torches Deep) and how I’m using encounter tables.

I’ve got a follow-up coming about using the tables as more of a menu…

I’d love to hear more about how folks put together their encounter tables and how they use them in-game.

I like these kinds of tables, where they provide some degree of combinations and necessitate extrapolation. They can be difficult to do well, but when done well they really are inspirational.

This setting seems interesting as well. Did you make it up on the spot or is it something you’ve been working on for a while? Or actually, Sigil sounds really familiar but it’s still fairly early in the morning and my brain is not totally on yet, is this a published setting I already know?

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Sigil is based on the AD&D 2E boxed set, Planescape and maybe more famously, the video game, Planescape: Torment. I’m using the rough idea of the Outlands, planar concepts from hither and yon and some concepts but we’re not beholden to any of the original text.

Aah ya Planescape, of course.