Open Source Character Record sheet (OSCR sheet). Free and includes editable files, please share

Above is only an image file as a preview, the PDFs you can find below are much better quality and all the different versions of the sheet, including editable files are there too →

Open Source Character Record sheet Ver. 1.0. or the “OSCR sheet" for short

An Open Source, Character Record sheet suitable for many systems, genres and RPG games, OSR or otherwise.

Max (his name on this forum) and I made this sheet.

The goals of this sheet:

  1. DIY & make it your own. Don’t like it? Not perfect for you? No problem! Use the included editable files (.AFDESIGN, .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .SVG) and alter to your heart’s content. This is by the scene, for the scene. Spread it wide, put it in your system, have fun.
  2. Versatility. Can be used with almost any game, genre or theme, hence the neutral design and font. Various boxes were left purposefully untitled so, they could accommodate equipment, (class specific) skills, spells, saving throws, ammo, a drawing or anything else you want to note down.
  3. Functionality. The design gives hints to the function as well as importance and nature of things. The items that change often and are dependent on one another are grouped together in the middle of the sheet at the top. Things that tend to stay stable are to the left and right of that. The sizes and shape of the boxes were carefully considered for maximum utility, convenience and clarity. The little line in center is for use with a hole punch, the dice logo at the top can be used for hit dice, numbering characters, color-coding dice sets etc.

For years I dreamed of the perfect sheet and had it in my head only. Then I met Max (same name on this forum) online. I badly drew my ideal sheet by hand, Max then did the digital design and I paid him (he was very easy and fun to work with, patient and generous) and we went through at least 5 iterations with a boat load of small changes and improvements.

Max is open to other interesting design commissions, also if this project proves valuable to you, feel free to buy either of us a coffee:

Grognard: cucaracha is making RPG products and writing, OSR / D&D creations and more.

Max: mv is writing sci fi and horror stuff

If you can not donate, no problem! We would be happy to see your own altered versions and/or atmospheric pen and ink drawings in the margins. Include things you like better, use an old school font etc, and share your open source creation with the community!

May all your rolls be 20s,

Grognard and Max

Classic → original PDFs as commissioned

Editable → editable file formats: .afdesign (recommended), .ai, .svg, .eps, .psd

Other → other pdfs that might be useful:

_m with margins

_saves with saving throws

_s using serif font

And this is what a filled in sheet might look like:


I’m interested in these sheets, but none of the links you’ve left will work for me… they all have Error 404s.🫤

And now I notice how old this entry is, and I hope there’s still an author hovering somewhere to answer.

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Yes, unfortunately the hosting I chose for these expired/was not good. I have replaced the link for a current one in the link above and am also including it below. :slight_smile:


Many thanks! I’m thinking these will give me a great head start in developing some OSE sheets that include my House Rules. You’ve saved me a lot of fuss and muss, and I appreciate it!

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No worries mate, if you could give attribution somewhere (not on the sheet, that is ugly! xd) and especially share your own derivative / new version of the sheet in both an editable and PDF format, that way other people will benefit plus even if my hosting ever goes down again, there will be more sheets out there. Cheers! :slight_smile: