Penglings as Heroes

Let’s try this …



I would accept an all-pengling version of UVG…

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One of the early Fight On! magazines has an article on playing penguin PCs in AD&D, including stats. I have to confess I like that version more, because those penguins have a deserved reputation for biting children and defecating in village wells. There’s an illustration of a tattooed penguin flipping off a monster and swinging a nunchuck.


You just haven’t seen enough cute east asian merchandise yet … :smiley:

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Reminds me of Gunter from Adventure Time (ya know the cute little penguin who was actually a powerful space demon deity who was banished to earth as a penguin for trying to siphon magic energy from a comet)

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My wife plays Animal Crossing. Surely that counts?

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Can’t deny - I love Gunter.