Quath (art by Scrap Princess)


One of the Four Ordinal Beasts from my Phantasmos campaign setting (more details in the blog post). I’ve commissioned art from Scrap Princess for three of the four, but I hope to one day complete the full set (and maybe more).


It’s hauntingly beautiful! Scrap Princesses work is superb, and the x-rayed color scheme looks so cool. What’s the story behind this Quath?

Edit: Just binged a bunch of your blog posts, some top-notch wonderfully weird stuff in there.

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Gotta love Scrap Princess, always such a unique take on the subject matter.

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I appreciate you saying that, thanks! I hope to eventually write more eloquently about Quath and the other Ordinal Beasts, but I hope all the posts I hyperlink about the Ordinal Beasts and the Phantasmos setting in general are reasonably coherent.

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