ROGUELAND is available

ROGUELAND is a 36 page rules-light, tabletop role-playing game. Based on Ben Milton’s Knave, with modifications that focus on:

  • defining characters by the items they carry rather than specific abilities or class features
  • interpreting and casting free-form magic
  • monster, trap, and treasure generation
  • exploration procedures
  • and more.

This game uses player-facing, roll-high, d20 mechanics, and is broadly compatible with other OSR games and source materials.


The art looks familiar :laughing:

Could you go over how you implemented freeform magic? That’s the most interesting addition to me personally, and I’ve always found it pretty cumbersome to implement.

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(replied to comment instead. still figuring out discourse)

Yep! The general rules for magic are:

  • magic exists in scrolls. scrolls occupy one inventory slot and have a one time use.
  • when you find a scroll, you detect its effects by rolling 2d12 on a table. this table roll will give you an [Action] and an [Object].
  • with this, you interpret the results of the “perform an action on an object”.
  • for example, you might roll “strengthen” and “wind”, or maybe “summon” and “sound”.
  • interpret what this means and how it effects things when you’re ready to cast it in combat or exploration.
  • when specifics are needed for the effects: range of 40 ft. any ongoing effects last up to L×10 minutes. if the casting includes damage or healing, it is in the amount of Ld6.

and there are a few additional rules for item attunement, but overall this is how its handled.

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