Skyrealms source book AND colouring book

Hi folks, I’ll be crowdfunding soon a system neutral sourcebook AND coloring book SKYREALMS. It’s illustrated by Evlyn Moreau and written by a team of international authors, with contributions by Emiel Boven, Armanda Haller, Editing by Sam Leigh, translations (yes!!!) by Lucas Rolim, Côme Martin, Montro, OST by Batts!!! additional illustrations by Bordercholly. The full game pack will be printed by LF OSR.

The pack contains: bestiary, adventure, mini dungeons, solo card game, map and all the pack elements can be coloured!!!

You can use it to play one-shots, campaigns, solo games, or just drop a NPC in your favorite setting. You can coulour the map as your party explores the SKYREALMS, organise group colouring sessions, coulour with your kids. Use it with crayons, markers, gouache.

It’s my biggest project to date, I’m super excited about it, but it feels also a little bit scary to put it out in the world. If you want to help us bring it to life you can give it a follow here or talk about it to your friends or on social networks!!



And here are a few images