Spotted in Dungeon Magazine Issue #17 - The Pit

I had never seen this before! Dungeon Magazine Issue #17, starts on page 4. Is this where the name of our forum comes from? I’m not too familiar with many of the popular adventures so I wasn’t sure if this is common knowledge:


Oh good find. I’d never heard of this either but, deliberate or not, it’s definitely something good for us to be aware of.


For context I will say that Dragon was popular in its day but it was never popular enogh that gamers knew the names of adventures in it even at the time

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On top of that, this is from Dungeon magazine which is so easy to confuse for Dragon magazine like you did here! I imagine there’s a lot of forgotten adventures in both though.

Hah, I’ve never even heard of it but awesome discovery. Truly proves the axiom that you’re never the first one with any idea.

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