The Glatisant: Issue #4

I have soft spot in my heart for newsletters, which are a slower and more curated space in the frenetic world of social media. Kudos to @QuestingBeast for this beautiful issue!


I gotta say, these newsletters are the OSR newsletters for me. Absolute huge props to @QuestingBeast!


Does anyone know why it’s a newsletter and not a blog entry or is it the same?

There’s an online version for the newsletter already, yes. That’s actually what @thekernelinyellow linked in his first post.

In general though, newsletters are a great way to directly engage his audience by reaching their inboxes rather than a static blog post (I understand people can have RSS notifications set up / other notification methods when a blog is posted but an opt-in approach is an easier path for his audience to take, imo); I support the idea. Wish other creator’s did the same.

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