The Pit Zine - Collaborative Document

Continuing the discussion from The Pit Zine - Building the Adventuring locale:

I’ve gone ahead and created a collaborative folder to get started working on the zine.

The password is “O-S-R”

Inside are the collaborative documents - you should have write access to them automatically even without signing up. If you’d like to create your own document to collaborate on you will need an account (no email validation or anything required).


Thanks for setting that up @maderschramm! Really digging this platform so far. Do anonymous logins have edit permissions after entering the password?

Yes, anonymous logins do have edit permissions after editing the password, which is nice as you don’t need to sign up for a service or anything.

It does have a history feature as well, so these two functions should prevent vandalism.

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I’ve done some adjustments - rather than just one collaborative doc, I’ve created a collaboration folder (password is the same as before and in the OP).

You don’t need to have an account to edit anything, but if you want to make your own shared document to collaborate on you’ll need to create an account (takes about 5 seconds, no email validation required). I’d recommend not password-protecting the individual docs as the folder already is (but don’t share the docs individually).

@KnightOwl I created a Kanban document which is essentially a to-do, project file. Can you please start filling it out so we know what’s been done, where work’s been delegated, and what needs to get started on?


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Started putting a kanban together for art production. Artwork requests, available artists, art in production, and completed art. It might be best to do one of these per issue. Not sure though, just kinda messing with organization ideas. Feel free to adjust!

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Great idea. I’m away from the computer for a couple days but I’ll start working on it this weekend.

Okay having had a look at this I think we might be overcomplicating things. A zine is (or was) a punk, DIY product and I’m not sure that flowcharts and dropdown menus are necessary to the process. But having one place to discuss things is important and it’s good to keep this place about more than just the zine.

I think one document is all we need. I made one here. Let’s use this as our master document from now on.

If each of us spends an hour or two on this, I think it can be done by the end of the month.


I wish you would have created this new master doc in the folder - now we have two places to find stuff. In fact, it’s already very similar in nature the the document that @LF_OSR created.

I think @KnightOwl wants everything to be in 1 doc, so we don’t need folders and such.

You can upload things other than documents to the folder though. Don’t we want high-res versions of the finalized artwork to be uploaded there, along with the compiled pdf of the zine once finished? WiP design docs too as the formatting is being done.

Just makes sense to keep everything localized.

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I agree with having a folder. It’s more organized than just dumping everything into one doc, imho.


I copied/pasted @KnightOwl’s document into the OSR Zine Overview master document that @LF_OSR was working on in the OSR Zine collaborative folder. We should put future edits there.


Think we certainly can find a balance of how to go about this, first couple issues might have some growing pains. I understand a zine can be considered quite lofi, punk, DIY, etc, but there’s a bunch of nerds here (meant in the best of ways) so naturally we’re gunna try to find the most efficient way to handle this. Number of people here have worked on projects vaguely related to this production process in their professional lives so workflows from those sectors tend to be used by people helping us here. I’m a direct of marketing, so I put together a production workflow so it’s blatantly obviously which artist is working on what, just like I do for marketing material requests in my professional life. We should aim to do this for everything being worked on for the zine, it’s standard publication practice and will really give us an idea of where we are at in production, at any given moment.

Thank you @maderschramm and @KnightOwl for working together on this! We’re pretty early in this process but what we decide here early on will really impact the overall production if we don’t take a moment to discuss these things.

Cool. That’ll work too.

I guess I was thinking of this as a one-off. If it’s a recurring zine, then I understand having production workflow for sure.

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You’re right, I’m making the assumption of more than one release. Didn’t consider just a one off - I figured as the pit grows as will future issues. Would allow for smaller releases on a semi-regular schedule rather than one big release, might help keep things kind of contained a bit as well.