The zine of zine - issue 1

TZOZ is the companion to The Lost Bay Podcast; it expands its conversation and themes with texts and cool links. It’s a super small B&W 1 sheet A4 zine packed with info.

Issue 1 is a preview of the upcoming Anna Blackwell, designer of solo RPG Delve, interview.

You can get it for free, I’ve worked hard to put a lot of things in it, not all are fully TTRPG related, some are about zines in a more general sense, others about the process of making this zine (yes, meta I know)

And you still can get Issue 0 (for TLB #5 guest Vi Huntsman) here

IDK yet how many I will do, I’ll try to do at least 6, and I’ll post the next occurrences in this thread.

Something like this would be good were it to evolve to the function of the Esoteric Order of Dagon amateur press association (EODapa) which collected all the data on Cthulhu Mythos related zines.

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Big fan of the podcast! I’ll be checking this out for sure!

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Thank you for the suggestion, I’m not much into the Cthulhu Mythos lately, although I played COC some years ago and I really enjoyed it, but I see how it can suggest that. I think that the next issues might have a different tone, considering that there will be different guests to the show. But thank you!!