They can see the dead

Forty-eight people from the same small Canadian province struck with a baffling mix of symptoms including insomnia, impaired motor function and hallucinations such as nightmarish visions of the dead. A quixotic neurologist working 12-hour days to decipher the clues. Swirling conspiracy theories blaming the illness on cellphone towers, fracking or even Covid-19 vaccines.

This literally sounds like the official cover story used by the authorities in one of those scandinavian co-production horror / thriller series.

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I believe them, they are all just seeing the dead, which can be a jarring experience.

it’s interesting that the story deliberately mixes up the symptoms so-called - insomnia, impaired motor function and hallucinations - as opposed to the hallucinations causing the insomnia and impaired motor functions which would be the correct causative chain. It makes it sound like insomnia causes hallucinations for no reason which I find highly improbable

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Just for the pleasure of the conversation, and maybe for some rpg ideas :), I’m not an expert but it seems that insomnia can cause hallucinations, see and also hypnagogic hallucinations can be caused by insomnia

I find those fascinating, actually I’m just thinking I can use these ideas in a game :slight_smile:

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I posted this here because it seems PERFECT for game ideas, and yes, insomnia can “cause” hallucinations. But the article seems too quick to “debunk” in my opinion. As I said, it wouldn’t be out of place in a horror thriller :slight_smile: