What are you actually playing?

I’d like to hear from the players here.

What game system(s) are you actually using in play? (And how long have you been playing with it?)

This isn’t what you wish you were playing. It’s what you actually use.


DMs are players, right?

I’m currently running an OSE game that leverages On Downtime and Demesnes. In addition, it pulls a few rules from the LotFP system, specifically around guns.

I’ve been running it since mid-May.

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Yes, DMs are players! Please all respond, especially those running games.

We’re running through Barrowmaze using Off-White Cube, a hack of a hack of a hack of OD&D. We started at the end of February, but thanks to lockdown and the nature of playing an open table, we’re over 40 sessions in.

Thanks for the reference to Off-White Cube. It’s a beauty of a system–just my style.

Coincidentally, I am about to start running a modified Barrowmaze with my home system, which is d6-only, too, but is genealogically closer to Fighting Fantasy than to D&D.


Into The Odd: Electric Bastionland.
PbP, frequent play. Started in March.

Finders Keepers, mostly in PbP, but also sometimes with my usual group over Roll20.

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My group has been playing Knave frankensteined with some extra mechanics for class and race :slight_smile:

Playtesting what I humorously refer to as the KNAVish GLOGular ODDity—a homebrew based on those three systems. And a weekly session of Dungeon World.

It’s interesting that you folks generally play rules-light systems.

I’m starting to wonder whether anybody who hangs out in the OSR pit plays any version of D&D! Interesting…


Well I’m also running a 5e game that’s been going on for 3 years so

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Currently, I have a 1-on-1 campaign going on using Knave with my SO (which is all randomly generated within reason) and my normal group’s Knave Rats campaign that has only been going for a handful of sessions. We honestly haven’t played in months due to the events recently but I’m still making content for whenever it kicks back up.

My newest endeavor has been a blast though. I recently got my copy of Ultraviolet Grasslands and wanted to “experience” UVG as a player while I read through it for the first time. This is mostly motivated by jealousy of players that get to go into creative settings without any knowledge and genuinely PLAY the world rather than read about it like a DM. So, I’ve been running a solo game while reading UVG for the first time! This means I’m bypassing some of the rules included in UVG to make things a bit more solo friendly; I have a solo rule set that needed some play testing so this was a great fit. It’s been incredibly fun to crawl my way through the amazing locations UVG includes, albeit alone for the time being.


Sadly, no AS&SH at the moment.
We’re two sessions into a Ghastly Affair mini-campaign.
We have a Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign (CoC 7th ed) we play once every 6 months.


Oh, I definitely favour the heavier games: AS&SH, Perdition, ACKS, etc.

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I started on 0e, then 1e. Skipped the whole 2 through 4, but 5e one of these days. So little time, so many systems. :wink:


Barrowmaze is a cracker - an excellent module for low-prep GMing.

In terms of being a Player, I’m in 3 biweekly 5e games with each one on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with a biweekly Mutants and Masterminds 3e game on Saturday afternoon.

I’m currently DMing a biweekly “Weird West” Tall Tales game on Friday evenings with a Pathfinder 2e game on Saturday afternoons using the Carrion Crown AP. I want to run more OSR/Old School games, but I feel like I’m at my limit of games I can run without trying to do a Play-by-post format for a game.

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We are playing Mutant Year Zero and when a player is missing, we play Z-Corps, a zombie Apocalypse D6 french production.
And from Time to time a D&D5 game…

I’m currently in a Star Trek-inspired campaign except that it’s more strictly an extrapolation 1970’s technology and there’s a cold war. My character is Wade “The Siege” Anderson, who is the captain of the ship and is sort of like a cross between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Captain Kirk but also is a (mostly) pacifist Taoist and Buddhist. We’re a few sessions in and playing using Fate Condensed because the GM is a new GM and wanted a simple system.

I think he’s still struggling a little with certain things about how to run Fate vs. a game like D&D and other basic GM stuff, but on the whole he’s doing well and we’re having fun and finding a groove.

I generally prefer to GM but just haven’t had the energy to start up a campaign and covid ruined all my prior RPG plans, but there are several campaign settings I’ve come up with since covid that I would eventually like to run, and many systems I’d like to try.

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At the moment, it’s a few different things…
Playing WFRP 4e campaign (winding down)
Playing OSE, started with Hole in the Oak but we moved on!
Playing some sort of loose storytelling / collaborative thing, with a couple indie gamers
GMing a cyberpunk “freelancers taking missions” game, using a hack of an old BRP system
I’m also playing a shorter playtest thing in Mythras / Classic Fantasy / something