What else do dragons hoard?

Thought it would be fun to brainstorm other things that dragons hoard in their dens. My original train of thought was that it would be more fun (and less racist?) if dragons owned banks instead of goblins.

  1. Other people’s money
  2. Scientific journals and/or historical records
  3. Fine porcelain and silverware
  4. Stock certificates from a profitable monopoly
  5. Mass-produced collectible figures
  6. Fossils of long-extinct creatures
  7. Clothes left out to dry by villagers
  8. Exotic or otherwise rare weapons
  1. Religious symbols of any kind, for curiosity
  2. Important thoughts, collected in mind crystals
  3. Old fangs, claws and scales they shed over time
  4. Securely stored alchemical substances that react with their elemental breath
  1. Nobility, of all shapes and sizes, includes crowns and thrones and heirs
  2. Sculptures
  3. Gardens
  4. Siege weapons
  1. Stories and legends about dragons
  2. Books
  3. Cryptids
  4. Favors

Mr. Goblin Punch wrote a chasis for an awesome sounding one-shot called The Dragon Hole. There’s six unique dragons all with interesting hoards.

  1. Alcohol (a dragon sommelier :grin:)
  2. Prospective dragonslayers
  3. Plays and playwrights
  4. Mirrors
  5. Cute animals
  6. Pottery
  7. Botched Portraits
  8. Architecture (dragons need terrain for WH40K too)

Thank you for this! :smiley: I love the adventure and all the different dragons! Especially the shepherdess and the cat hoarder.

Also, that sommelier dragon is awesome!

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And here I was, stopping myself from adding “Dragons. Reroll on this table a lot” to my entries because I feared it might be too crazy…


I always figured a dragon’s hoarding was greed in its most malicious form, so it’s not enough to have something, you have to deprive someone else of it too.

  1. Final masterpieces of renowned artists.
  2. Mothers’ last tokens of their dead children.
  3. The entire breeding stock of a superior horse lineage.
  4. Saints’ bones.
  5. Monarchs’ dying words.
  6. skulls of beloved pets.

More dragons! Also their hoards! Chromatic Metallic

Even more dragons! Dracospawn

And of course, my favourite tale about a dragons hoard: The Dragon Bank

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Thank you so much for these links! Tying dragons to the seven deadly sins (along with elements, favorite hoards) is such a creative idea. It would be fun to see more mystic elements with dragons in that sense. This is awesome! And that short story is really wonderful. :smiley:

This is an excellent qualifier! And your entries sound really fun to play with–perfect for more meaningful games.


The deed to a keep or castle. In the fantasy world the deeds are binding so nobody else can own it as long as the dragon has the deed in its horde.

  1. a mountainous pile of pearl-shells. not pearls, the shells of the pearl oysters.
  2. seeds of every variety of pepper the dragon can find. (secret of fire breath revealed!)
  3. glass beads of every colour, shape and pattern, packed in glass jars.
  4. the verdigrised bones of its predecessor.

Hah, that’s amazing. I’m just imagining a huge red dragon make sriracha on the side when not terrorizing the country side.


Gotta have something to season all those livestock they keep pilfering, and all *grin*


“Repeat after me: harla-PAIN-yo.”
“Better! Now try one.”
“What is it?”
“You’re about to get your palate educated, princess.”