What's up with ZineQuest 4? I've collected the info here

ZQ4 isn’t happening!
But zines aren’t going to die anyway. Here’s the news I’ve gathered.


The ZIMO (zine month) guys also have a discord :wink:

Quick update from the same blog post: It seems that ZQ4 has been moved to August.

This probably means that we’ll get some zine-related events in February and the big, official one in August. More content for us!

Indeed! I am going to launch my project in February too!

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I’ll probably wait until august for Crant.
But until then, the cover Art :slight_smile:

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Nice! What’s it going to be??

It’s gonna be a zine with crazy tables. Stuff you know you’ll never need at your table, but that the autors needed at their table anyway…
Stuff like:

  • What happens if I smoke a magic scroll ?