[workshop] use gmbinder to layout RPG books

As an Indie writer, I’ve joined the nice people of ZIMO 22 (a zine writer collective which i’ve learned about here) and agreed to present how to use gmbinder.com to layout RPG books (and zines).
The workshop will take place on their discord, but will also be broadcast on Plus One XP’s youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/PlusOneExp )

So if you want to learn the basics of layouting with this online tool, join us on the 18th of january 2022 at 21:00 utc+1 (Berlin time).
One week later (2022.01.25, same time), I’ll go into more details and how to use the tool for something else than D&D.2022-01-18T20:00:00Z

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Will it also be available for late viewers?

I haven’t spoken about the details with Tony, from “Plus One Exp” (the youtube channel - He will be in charge of the technical side of streaming)), but the recording will be available, either on their youtube presence, or mine.

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I’ve updated my tutorial on the basics of GMBinder with the video workshop (done for the ZIMO community). Check it out, it’s really easy to get decent results.
The video is at the bottom of the blog tutorial.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday January 25th, 2022) at 21:00 (Berlin time), I will held the second part of my “GMBinder”-workshop on the Zimo discord, and it will be also broadcast on Twitch (later it will land on youtube)
Last week, we showed the basic functionnalities that allow you to easily layout your works for publication on GM’s guild.

This week, we want to get into advanced functionnalities, those that allow to use gmbinder without using WotC intellectual property, and advanced stuff, namely:

  • How to create a background image with different look for the right and the left pages
  • How to modify the number of columns on one and the same page (for text on 2/3 columns, but images spanning all the width of the page)
  • How to change fonts, their colors and size in the different H1-H5 and main text
  • Change the background color of tables
  • get rid of the “WotC disclaimer” for free accounts
    and everything you’ll ask me in the chat, within the limits of my limited knowledge :smiley: