You're Doing Undead Wrong

Edit: this is not my blog, it’s written by a friends of mine.


I love how you’ve outlined the different kinds of undead! Especially turning their encounters from like traditional wargame fights (so to speak) to time games where you have to contend with their undeadness–how can you really kill a walking skeleton? This is awesome! :smiley: And I bet it has to encourage players to think outside of just combat.

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I’m updating the post, this is not my blog, it’s written by a friend of mine.

I’m working on a post of my own, combining this with other posts on undeads I’ve read in the past two years that I feel can be mixed up to get some scary and folk-tale-looking undeads.


As promised, here is my take on the legions of the undead.

It turned out pretty different from what I expected, so maybe I’ll do another post on this theme, for all the things that were left out in this one (mostly because I got carried away with random tables).

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