Artwork for OSE

Hi all

I thought people might be interested in seeing some artwork I’ve created for OSE; in this particular example, for the upcoming Monsters tome. This image depicts (from top and going clockwise) a Xorn, a Flail Snail, a Mimic and Strangleweed.


Wow! Love this stye, really great!

How long have you been drawing and can you go into detail about your process? Is this digital or do you do it physical and scan?

I’ve been drawing since the age of 3 or 4, probably earlier. These pieces are digital, but closely match quite a lot my traditional ink work. The basic process for them was to create basic rough sketches to show to Gavin from Necrotic Gnome, and once they were given the okay I then created the finished pieces. These are all fairly small spot illustrations as the OSE books follow a digest format.


Love your work! You really help make OSE what it is.

Thanks for sharing.


So good! Look forward to seeing your work in print!

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Thanks all :slight_smile: Here are some more examples - (l to r) Cave Bear, Bats, Piercers:


Ahhh big fan of your work! Cannot wait to see it in print. Glad you’ve joined us here in the pit as well!

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Jerry! Please post more!

Do you take commissions?

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This is the most recent image I’ve created, for the upcoming OSE magical items book. This depicts a Cloak of Flying:

And yes, I do take commissions :slight_smile:


Fantastic! You are very talented.

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This is a really great piece!

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Jerry, these are all wonderful.

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Wow, so good! lots to learn from in your work!

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This is excellent! Makes me want to game the scene!

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Yes, I tried to do a bit of story telling with the images where possible.