Happy Pitday! A retrospective of the past year of the Pit

Today marks the passing of exactly one year since the OSR Pit started up!

Some backstory

About a year and a half ago, I was spending a lot of time on the friendly Runehammer forums, discussing one of my favorite games, ICRPG. However my interest had been captured by the OSR and I dived into it. The gritty, player-agency driven gameplay really spoke to me. I was mostly too late for the G+ era, and though Reddit and Discord are great, I wanted somewhere to have more long-form discussions on. After posting about the idea of a new G+ esque website on a few places in the internet, a lot of people reached out to me and told me they were interested. I really didn’t know much about the tech details of creating a website, but I forged ahead and set up a functioning Discourse forum. It was then that I reached out to fellow admin @thekernelinyellow, who I met on a OSR discord server, for some help with CSS to customize the tile layout of the forums.

Cool Stats

Over the course of the past year, the website saw a whopping 255,633 pageviews (excluding crawlers), or an average of 350 per day.

329 people signed up with new accounts, 496 topics were created, 3.9k posts were written, and 9.0k likes were given out!

The three most liked topics are: @LF_OSR Art Corner, Artwork for OSE, Art and adjacent by Perplexing Ruins.

The most commented topic is: The Big Introductions Thread

The oldest account, beside me @thekernelinyellow is @Archons_Court , who registered on the 11th.
Also shout out to @quantum_metaphysics, the only user to have gotten to Trust Level 3 in the past year!

Personal highlights

Running this forum has been a really rewarding experience. I’ve read a lot of interesting posts, met new people, and got to collaborate with a lot of creative individuals. Seeing heavyweights like @QuestingBeast , @pjamesstuart and @WizardThiefFighter in my website was really awesome. I also want to thank everyone who participates here for being extremely civil, courteous, and nice. Moderating this site has been a breeze, and I like to think this place has a really welcoming and cozy vibe.

The OSR Pit Zine

However, the OSR Pit Zine definitely takes the cake for my favorite thing about the website this past year. Originally proposed by @KnightOwl, the Pit community came together to create a 40 page collaborate zine. This was the first time I had ever worked on anything like this, and I ended up doing the page layout for the project. Seeing this come together was a lot of fun, and I’m excited to do something like this again. If you want to check out the finished product: free pdf / print.

Vote on your favorite topic of the past year!

To celebrate the first anniversary of this site, we decided to host a small contest. Me and @thekernelinyellow have curated some of the best topics of the past year, and want y’all to vote for your favorite one. The winning topic’s creator will be getting a special Community favorite badge!

A big thank you to EVERYONE who has participated on this website, and I look forward to another great year on the Pit.


Thank you for all your work! I’m glad this place exists. And while I love dropping in and reading the discussions, I’ve been hesitant to post. I really ought to get over that, because so far what I’ve seen is an active, friendly, and creative community.

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Thanks a lot for maintaining the Pit alive!

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Thank you for starting up this place, its been pretty cool to read all the posts and get everyone thoughts on everything. I feel like this place will do nothing but get better.

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Absolutely, we’d all love to hear your thoughts.

It’s been a lot of fun.

Definitely, can’t wait to have even more users and activity as this place grows.

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Thanks for your work on the site! I’m sure it’s still gonna keep growing. I’m not really a reddit person, but this is the perfect cosy place to talk with like-minded folks.

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Thank you @Kingroy23 and @thekernelinyellow for all the work you’ve both put into this site! Proud to be here. I’ve been lurking a bit while I work on projects but I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of everyone’s posts!


I should really remind myself to post here more often, maybe share it more, too.

It’s a lovely place. Love what you’ve done with it. The comfy sofas, the tea cozies, just mwa-chef-kiss.