[Fallimento Assicurato] Presents: All Cats Are Beautiful Vol. 2 - See Bastrenna & Die

After our approval to ZineMonth, we at Fallimento Assicurato, the indipendent italian group of murderhobos who publish OSR zine, published the translated version of A.C.A.B, Vol 2
[Fallimento Assicurato] Presents: All Cats Are Beautiful Vol. 1 - Fast'n'Purrious (Here you can find the first Volume)
Inside you will find all you need to explore the lost and forgotten city of Bastrenna, mysterious home of the Silent War between the Cat Clans and the Squeaking Milion. An entire setting full of monsters, treasures, NPCs and much more awaits the fools who dare to cross the Sphixes’ Door. Chaos and Law, entangled in a conflict made of absurd contraption and ancient powers. Will you be able to recover the spoils of the ancient city, Or will the Plague destroy you before your escape?
Only one way to find out
In PWYW, on Itch.Io