The Big Introductions Thread

Welcome @Benji_Dike and @shutteredroom!


:wave: I probably won’t be paying much attention to this place any time soon, but I’m here, I guess?
I did Principia Apocrypha and occasionally find the energy to blog at and tweet from

I also wrote What We Talk About When We Talk About The OSR, which might be of ontological use in some of the perennial :cd::horse: in these parts, because by god, we’ll reach hell via the ruts of the circles we talk in.

But most recently I’m working on a Knave hack that emphasizes what I’m calling Problem-Solving Combat, attempting to replace trad combat procedures with the open-ended gameplay that’s at the heart of what I like about OSR games.


Welcome @curiousepic!

As somebody who has been spamming Principia Apocrypha all over the interwebz, I’m really happy to know that we have at least one user I won’t be spamming them to!


Oh wow, I just handed a copy of this to a friend of mine last night! Love your stuff, look forward to anything else you’re working on.

Really cool stuff here - I’m a huge Knave fan and I think you’re doing great work to really give an already amazing system some extra punch!

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Hello beautiful people,

I’m Filippo from Italy, I work in videogames and I LOVE pen and paper rpgs.
I’ll drop some titles in random order to give you an idea of what I dig:
D&D 5e, Cyberpunk 2020, Sine Requie, Torika!, Lancer, Dark Heresy, Don’t Rest Your Head, Pathfinder, Degenesis, Mork Borg.

In my spare time I publish short layouts of dungeons and encounters as Nyhur. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.
I mainly focus on narrative and encounter design as my art skills are very limited hehe

Looking forward to know you guys and read a lot of cool stuff!

Thanks a lot @LF_OSR for pointing me to this forum :]


Hey @Nyhur ! Welcome welcome, glad you’ve joined us in the Pit! :muscle: Feel free to set yourself up with your own art thread, I know people here will love your stuff. Be sure to read this so you can get set up.

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Welcome! Love your work, hope you’re getting that downtime you need!

Hi, I’m edi, I like b/x.
I have a blog where I sometimes draw some dungeons for you folks to steal :blush:

I always look for ways to improve my gameplay and prep


Hey everyone. I’m Erik from Sweden, and grew up playing the Swedish Basic Roleplaying-games Drakar och demoner and Mutant. Got back into RPG:s a few years ago with Mutant: Year Zero, and that game’s focus on sandbox style led me to the OSR.

Currently I am GMing a Whitehack game around the city of Repetleville. I have been preparing a hex crawl on the Red planet for a while (I’ve made a few blogposts about it on ), but am still waiting for my players to 1) TPK or 2) take an interest in the Sky Hansa and their planned expedition into the supralunar Ether.


Welcome @edi and @marat! I hope that this place is right for you :smile:


Hello everyone! My name Rusty and I have been playing OSR games for 7 months now. Once I found out about the OSR I realized it was exactly what I had been looking for and never looked back to 5e. I got into playing dnd when I was in the Marine Corps. I have mostly been playing Lamentations of the flame princess but I enjoy Dungeon Crawl Classics as well. Currently I’m playing in 2 campaigns online with people from all over the world. I hate to admit it but I’ve never had a character make it to past level 5 in any OSR game. Killed plenty of my own adventurers though. RIP. I found this website the other day and I decided it’s a great format to publish reviews of games/adventures that I’ve purchased.



If you found out about OSR 7 months ago and you’re already level 7, you’re doing better than most of us. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an OSR character up to level 5.


Hi there !

I’m from France and I’m a roleplayer since 1993 and a GM since 1996. I’ve begin to play with AD&D2, but I’ve GM Rolemaster and more realistic games than D&D. Times goes on and I’m more and more interested by the roots of my hobby, and I’m now in the OSR mood :slight_smile:

I’m not in the “player skills over character skills” because the two of them are important for me. But I’ve an ORSesque vision of the RPG since I don’t really enjoy the overpowered and too rules-heavy modern games.

I love Beyond the World and Other Adventures at the moment, and have two campaigns ongoing where I’m GM with BtW.

Spread the world! :slight_smile:


I’m Matt. I have been gaming since '83, mostly TSR stuff until the 00s. Started with D&D redbox, then went to AD&D, Marvel, Star Frontiers, played a handful of other games like Rifts, TMNT, Warhammer, Call of Cthulhu, etc. Took a break through most of the 90s when I ‘grew up, joined the Army and got married’, then slowly started getting back into gaming in the early 00s. Retired from the Army after almost 23 years. Now I play mostly OSE or other old school, rules lite games, dream up new stupid rules lite game systems (that I almost never use) and draw maps. My maps have been published a few times (I do not do commissions anymore so don’t waste your time) but mostly I draw because it is fun and I enjoy it as a hobby.

I post my maps over on my long running blog at


Hi, all. I’m MarquisZardoz, from Denton, TX. I don’t get a chance to play in many games, but when I do I usually run DCC RPG. I’m a big fan of the +/-1 d mechanic, character backgrounds as skills, Mighty Deeds for warriors, and (of course) the 0-level funnel. I don’t generally write my own adventures, but I have a lot of fun fiddling with published adventures before I run them.



I thought I had posted here but I realize I never had. My name is Justin, and I’ve been playing rpgs my entire life, having been introduced to BECMI and AD&D by my uncle early on.

I love gaming of all sorts, in terms of OSR-style games I especially love 3LBB D&D and kind of a more free-formy pre-D&D “Arnesonian” style of gaming.

I’m currently in a really fun Castle Xyntillan Swords & Wizardry game, and I am running a weekly OSE game that has kind of a Mount & Blade vibe. I also have a blog I sometimes post to at

Nice to meet you all!


Mount & Blade is th best! It is probably the closest to how I imagine domain management.
If it had Vancian magic and dungeon exploration, too, it would be the perfect D&D-esque video game!


Hello! I’m a writer and a longtime player of rpgs, old-school and otherwise. Don’t have much of an internet presence, but I wanted to check out the Pit and get back into writing my own stuff for tabletop games. Nice to meet everyone.


Baffling that this hasn’t happened yet. Skyrim is still the closest for me.

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Welcome to the Pit, Luz!

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