The OSR PIT Zine is ALIVE! Now open for submissions

I’m new to this community, and I don’t know if this disqualifies me from a submission. All the same, here’s my idea for a single page spread: a d100 list of oddities/scraps/odds and ends found in the tunnels.

I was inspired by the idea in the setting thread about how the network of tunnels could lead to any number of different settings/planes/dimensions. The list would be suitably weird. I envision it being used as a “What’s in their pockets?” table, or a list of items players can find or trip over while running from monsters down dark passageways. Sometimes valuable, sometimes useful, sometimes neither, with plenty of things that make the table go “Where did this come from?” which would then inspire further tunnel explorations.

I’m thinking things like

  1. Small golden pickaxe head, dented like someone actually tried to use it
  2. Cluster of small jade stones, oddly warm to the touch
  3. Scrap of parchment covered in an ancient language. The ink is still wet.
  4. Crude tin snuff box, with the initials JTL. Empty.
  5. 5 ft of strong spider silk thread. Nearly invisible at certain angles.

Etc, etc. Now that I think about it, I could dig into well-known OSR adventures and pull out little bits and bobs from them to seed the table with.

I also have Affinity Publisher, but I only recently purchased it and only barely know how to make it do what I want. Other than something I threw together for the 1 Page Dungeon contest a couple weeks ago, I haven’t done any layout work.


I can draw something for it.



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You could create something different for the other page, or you could ‘split’ it with someone else who also has a small idea. Or just pad out the original idea.

Great, I’ll put you in for a single spread (that’s what you want, correct?).

If you’re referring to the collaborative setting, then no we moved away from the Norse idea. The gist is we’re trying to flesh out the ‘hub’ (a massive network of tunnels that are accessed by delving into this dangerous pit) and then in future issues we could pick out specific themes where the tunnels pop you out into.

maybe a hub-style setting concept, kinda like planescape? I was kinda mulling this idea around of an insanely large network of tunnels, or catacombs, entered through a giant pit of course, that has many unexplored exits that could pop you out into practically any setting. This could give us a lot of freedom for in-and-out setting ideas, or we can approach it as if the zine is the explorers, delving down these unexplored paths and documenting what they find. Existing OSR settings could simply add the Pit to their world to start incorporating our zine.

The ages old wizard tower would fit marvelously with the ancient caverns/tunnels idea.

Awesome, I love me some cool monsters. Do you have access to Affinity Publisher?

That sounds like it could be super useful, I dig it hehe. Just to clarify, a spread is two pages (you’ll probably need it for a d100 table).

Awesome, I really like the idea of this little stories that the players can spin up from the things they find.

If I setup the templates and assets properly (fingers crossed hah), it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m not a pro myself, so just holler if you run into any issues and I’m sure someone here will be able to help you out.

Dope! If something interesting catches your eye, just reach out to the author.

Also welcome @Alex_Blackoath, @Vacuumjockey, @Lancraft, @FilthPig, @MrVekyl to the OSR Pit. I hope y’all will stick around and enjoy the various OSR related discussions we see in here every day.


I’d like to book a slot for the Digmaids, but I don’t have access to Affinity Publisher (I usually do my typesetting in LaTeX), so I’ll need some help.

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id be happy to help with that


Hey, new here, I’ve been thinking about writing down some rules for slightly more realistic archaeological survey/possibly excavation in the style of a hex crawl. Does this sound interesting at all?


Sounds awesome! Yup, single spread.

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I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I was planning on getting my hands on it so I could figure out how to layout my own stuff for a project later this year/next year. Yes, in short.

And thank you for the welcome.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen rules for excavation before, that sounds great. Single spread?

Sign me up for a single. I have access to InDesign.

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I can draw something for it ! (I will also keep an eye here in case someones idea sounds like something I would love to draw to ask them if they might want a drawing for whatever that idea is)

@bordercholly I think that’s a good idea - as I think a major hook for players to explore the pits could be an archaeologist quest

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I am very tempted to do this but already feeling so over-committed :/. If I were to do this, maybe I’d be up to do a random roll table of elements using my Elements Generator



As mentioned before I’m working on a dungeon with @LF_OSR
Since there are many double spread open I would take one of those. We will make good use of the space :]

The dungeon should probably fit to the setting as it’s a cave occupied by Queen Flesh (wip) and her court.
It is said that the queen has total control over mortal bodies. Her touch can heal any wound but it can also melt your flesh in an instant.
Her lair, a moist breathing organism, slowly grows few inches every day. Servants spawned from the queen herself will let you pass, if you bring the right offerings.
Friend or foe? Depends on what you are looking for.

Regarding the layout software, unfortunately I do not have any.
But maybe @LF_OSR does?

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Hah, that sounds rad.

In begining to lay things out I think I may have been thinking smaller than I should have been. Would it be okay to switch to a double spread? If not all good! I know I can make it work either way!

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Sure, I’ll write you in for a double spread slot.


Can I have a single slot?

Is this actually going to end up becoming a book lol?

Is there a rule system for this - like if I drew monsters - would they need certain stats?


I’d like to sign up for a single slot for 3d20 dungeon-room creation. I don’t currently have any formatting software, but it would just be a table so…?

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